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Serving Oahu, Hawaii

Nurse Practitioner owned and operated, we do the screening/consulting and administering of services. I.V. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy is great for visitors, locals, military, and groups. Find the relief you are looking for in the convenience and comfort of your home or hotel.  

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Benefits of I.V
Nutrient Therapy? 

Health Benefits

IV nutrient therapy can be beneficial for many people for numerous reasons. One main benefits include health and wellness promotion/optimization. Adequate nutrient intake is vital to numerous body functions, BUT studies indicate that the of majority of Americans are not meeting daily nutrient recommendations AND a there's a notable decline of nutrients in our crops. 

Our IV Nutrient Therapy will help

-Support your immune system helping to prevent and fight certain diseases.

-Improve energy, mood and brain fog

-Promote healthy skin and anti-aging 

-Correct nutrient deficiencies

-Improve and corrects dehydration

-Support cellular function


The second benefit of IV Nutrient Therapy is convenience, AND we bring IV Nutrient Therapy services to you, so there is a two-fold convenience factor! 

-It's easy and convient: If you are feeling unwell, the last place you want to be is the hospital or in a waiting room unless absolutely necessary. 


-IV Nutrient Therapy is a faster and more efficient way to nourish and hydrate your body, providing nearly immediate benefits.

IV Nutrients work more efficently allowing for significantly more absorption of nutrients given they are delivered directly into the bloodstream. 

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What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV (intravenous) Therapy is a delivery method for fluids and medications. IV therapy is a simple and minimally invasive treatment that delivers nutrients and fluids directly into your circulation through a small catheter inserted into your vein. This method allows the nutrients to bypass your "gut" and be delivered directly to your bloodstream and cells, unlike oral supplements. Oral supplements are minimally absorbed and can lead to unwanted side effects. 

You don't even have to leave your home. We come to you. IV Therapy is a straightforward and easy procedure delievered by our Nurse Practitioners. The IV insertion is relatively painless. Pick a comfortable spot and let the infusion to its job. The price of the therapy includes your in-home therapy and our travel. 

With a well-balanced diet, continued hydration, adequate sleep, and daily physical activity our custom drips will help you feel your best. Each individual is differnt an may experience varied results.

It's Easy To Get Started

Select a treatment that best fits you. Book an appointment. Then our team will contact you and confirm your treatment to ensure you are a good candidate and found the best infusion. Then we are on our way so you can feel better. 

We offer a variety of IV drips to help alleviate an array of symptoms and conditions such as headaches/migraines, jetlag, hangover, dehydration, chronic fatigue and much more. 

What To Expect

Once our Nurse Practitioner arrives, a comfortable and clean spot will be prepped and disinfected for your infusion. A brief assessment will take place prior to IV insertion. Once your IV is inserted, they will monitor your IV site and the infusion rate and assess for any side effects of your treatment. During IV therapy, you will need to keep still, so you do not disturb or dislodge the catheter. Then it's time to put your feet up, relax and feel better


About Us

Mobile Infusion Squad is a Nurse Practitioner-owned and operated mobile wellness clinic.  Our mission is simple - to provide a convenient, quality service to facilitate your specific health and wellness goals with intravenous nutrient and hydration therapy. We offer continuity of care, as our Nurse Practitioner will not only consult with you, but administer your infusion.  


Thanks for stopping by. Start here to learn more about the services offered. We look forward to working with you. 

Vist our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.  

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