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Mobile Infusion Squad

IV Nutrient Therapy

Honolulu, Hawaii




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Carrie was able to quickly schedule me and conveniently came to my hotel to administer treatment. I have anxiety about getting IV's, but she was awesome. I barely felt it. 


Highly recommend Carrie and the services she provides. As a mom to many little ones, taking care of myself is definetly put to the back of my list most days. I immedicately felt the brain fog leave. I felt more hydrated and energy the next day. I am excited for these services to be available for my family


Received my first infusion and it is definitely going down as a part of my normal self-care routine. Towards the end of the infusion I just started to feel more motivated and ready to go. I received the Rev and Recovery with B12 and Glutathione boost and will get it again.