What are your hours?

Our hours vary each day but we are open daily, during peak hours. We offer extended hours on weekends but do not provide 24/7 services. However, we may be able to help you with after-hour needs if called ahead of time, subject to availability and location.  You can book an appointment through our website or by phone. 

Which locations do you serve? 

We serve Oahu, specifically central and leeward Oahu (Kapolei, Ewa Beach, Makakilo, Waipo, Waipahu, Mililani, Pearl City, and Aiea). We also service Schofield Barracks, Manana Marine Corps Housing, AMR, Hickam, Pearl Harbor, and Ford Island.  We also provide services to Honolulu and Waikiki. We can still come to you if you are out of these areas for an additional cost for time and travel ($30-$50). 

As we are MOBILE, we come to your location and provide services in your home, hotel, or office.  

If providing services to a group of 3 or more, additional travel and time fees will be waived. 

How long does an infusion treatment take? 

Depending on the individual and which services you receive, appointments usually take anywhere from 45-60 minutes once IV is inserted. Please be aware that vital signs, a brief histor,y and physical will be completed prior to all infusions. We do this to ensure you are a good candidate for our services

Call or book directly on our website for your infusion treatment. 

Do you accept insurance? 

As our services complement your traditional medical care maximizing your health and wellness, we do not accept insurance.

We accept all major credit cards and cash. 

Cancellation fees apply if not canceled within 24 hours. Please call to cancel services. 

For regular clients, we will provide a 10% discount for drip packages and vitamin injections

What are your IV Infusions good for? 

IV therapy is the quickest and most effective way to deliver fluids, vitamins, and medications through the body as they bypass the digestive system. Through this delivery method, your body will absorb up to 90% of vitamins and minerals delivered as opposed to 50% when taken by the oral route. 

IV Hydration and Nutrient Therapy are perfect for a variety of reasons: 

Fatigue, flu or viral illness-related symptoms, nausea/vomiting, migraines/headaches, food poisoning, B12 deficiencies, Vitamin D deficiencies, PMS, athletic preparation/recovery, jet lag, hangovers, sunburns, and to rejuvenate and hydrate skin

Who should get an IV? 

Almost anyone would benefit from IV Hydration and Nutrient Therapy, but we cater to healthy adults 18 years and older at the moment. Each client is required to provide a health history prior to infusions to determine health status and to ensure your individual needs and goals are met with the right drip package. 

We do not offer IV Infusion Therapy to anyone who has Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Renal Failure, those on dialysis, Diabetics, those with abnormal vital signs, or anyone experiencing and medical emergency.

We are happy to help you decide on the right treatment for you. Simply give us a call. 

How frequent should I get IV treatment? 

This is dependent on the individual and their needs and goals. For example, some receive weekly treatments for wellness and detox, while others receive episodic treatments for migraines, viral illness, athletic recovery, jet lag, or hangovers. We can help you determine if regular treatments are appropriate for your specific needs. 

For those with documented vitamin deficiencies, we are happy to help you replenish and maintain your vitamin stores. Bring in your most recent labs for review by our Nurse Practitioner.  We may also require you to obtain follow-up labs from your primary care provider as we do not order labs at Mobile Infusion Squad. 

I'm a hard stick, what if you can't give an IV? 

Our providers are skilled and seasoned in obtaining IV access using techniques and products to minimize pain. We do limit IV attempts to two times and only access veins in your hands and arms. If we are unable to obtain IV access, albeit rare, we may still be able to meet your needs through intramuscular injections. 

We do not access ports for infusion therapy. 

How are you able to provide this service? 

We operate under a strict set of policies and procedures. Our medical professionals are nurse practitioners, who are licensed and board-certified in a full practice state, trained, and skilled in starting IVs, experienced with prescribing and administering fluids and medications. 

We use quality ingredients from 503a and 503b pharmacies that adhere to the highest compliance standards. 

At Mobile Infusion Squad, our IV administration policies have been created to meet and exceed national quality standards. Prior to all infusions and injections, we do a thorough medical history and take vitals to ensure there are no risks or contraindications to receiving IV therapy. 

What should I do before and after my infusions? 

Although we may be providing you with hydration, it is important to hydrate orally before and after infusions for the best results, specifically, if infused with nutrients. We will provide you with a post-infusion discharge form to reference further instructions. 

Do you book groups? 

Yes, we offer our services for groups or events based on the size and would need to be booked in advance. Any "out of range" travel fees will be waived for groups of 3 or more. 

For groups of 3 or more, a 20% discount will be applied to each client's treatment of choice. The group host (in groups of 5 or more) will receive 50% off their treatment of choice.


If the group host (in groups of 5 or more) is a bride/groom, then services for one drip package will be FREE.